Music Composer 11

Music composers build a musical score, and are responsible for most of the tunes we constantly hum. Spotlight lists some of the established names as well as novices in the business that you can hire based on your requirements. Whether a composer for your film, short film, advertisement or documentary, we have what you are looking for. Alternatively, if you are an aspiring music composer and looking for better opportunities and talent avenues, register yourself with Spotlight today!

Ranit Kr Mandal

Music Composer - Musical talent

I have been trained professionally in Hindustani classical and western music since the age of 5.I preferably like to create and compose music which would be different from the common music we hear,but still I even like to work for simple and one flow through-out songs.I want to bring about a change in the type and style of music which people hear everyday through my compositions,which certainly A.R Rehman did a decade and a half ago in his own way.As for me when it comes to singing,I am classically trained and am fond of singing Sufi songs,along with pop,rock and folk.Most of the time,I write my own songs because I don't have a good lyricist,but still I manage. I have a musical experience which includes stage performances,band and solo performances,music composition,studio recording etc for about 15 years.

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