Your talent needs to shine, and we put you in touch with the people who matter

SPOTLIGHT is the online arm of Tunes 7dB Media, a company that was founded out of the passion of two individuals whose only vision, was to provide a platform and equal opportunity for artistes across India.

The team behind Tunes 7dB Media have several years of experience and expertise in various fields, from International Media Organisations to Information Technology, including Indian Media Organisations. All of them are united by their passion for music, a burning desire to help people thrive in their art and provide unstinting support for artistes.


Our vision is to showcase performers from various creative fields on one platform. We wish to collaborate with them and connect them with the right people and the right audience for a mutually collaborative association.


We hope to make musicians and performers take charge of their careers, optimize their talents and work with us to fill a large gap in the music and entertainment industry.


SPOTLIGHT works to give every artist their due. Whether Performers, Musicians, Actors, Presenters or Technicians, we work with them and put them in touch with the right contacts in the industry.