Trios 1

An ensemble of three musicians or a composition that brings together three singers, trios work together to complement and collaborate with each other. If you are a music director or producer looking to have a trio composition in your film, visit our website Spotlight, where you can look through a list of talented musicians and group them for that dream trio combination. Similarly, you can choose from a list of singers if you are on the lookout for a singer trio. Alternatively, if you are a musician and want to be part of a trio to work in a team, either for better opportunities or other talent avenues, register yourself with Spotlight today!

Band E3

Trios - Musical talent

Band E3, a 2 man/3 man band for all your events and occasions. We provide live music, right from the old english and hindi to the present day hits with a twist in style. Be it the calm soothing soft numbers you're looking for to enjoy an evening, or the fast and lively dance numbers with the traditional Goan-Mangalorean masala, we sing it all.

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